ANATUA is a state of mind, an invitation to a journey and discovery.


During her trips and expatriations the designer met with independent women with a thousand lives, driven by their identity, culture, authenticity, tenacity and their dreams. Strongly impregnated by their local values, the world is their playground, and they share it with generosity. These women are choosing to go on unexplored paths. They are daring. They mix styles and create these moments when everything becomes possible.

ANATUA impregnates itself and is inspired by these unexpected events, such as a journey, revealing a breathtaking landscape, surprising encounters, shared moments, unforgettable flavors and colors. ANATUA is a Frenh brand and invents itself in a natural and feminine elegance. Sometimes wild, traditional or modern, it mixes genres, cultures, know-how according to her desires.

The first collection of ephemeral jewelry "Pearl of the Ocean" was inspired by a paradise island, Sri Lanka. A destination full of energy and magic.